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Refrigerated Truck Rental isn’t Available Everywhere

One of the reasons that we’ve been among the top choices for commercial rental vehicles since 1936 is because we try hard to be responsive to market needs. We target market needs and meet them, which is why we make refrigerated truck rental available to our customers, something that isn’t found everywhere these days. It’s not just perishable food items that need cool transport. There are many things that need to be transported in a temperature controlled environment, especially in the heat of a southern California summer.

We have refrigerated box trucks in sizes between 16 and 24 feet available for rental. The box is well insulated and temperatures can be relied upon, even for freezing. Your frozen goods will stay that way until you get them to where they are going. The vehicle cab is comfortable, and has room for three people, making it easy to take along an unloading crew. We even make the ride pleasurable, with air conditioning to make sure that you, as well as your load, stays cool, and an AM/FM radio to help pass the driving time. The trucks also have power brakes and steering and feature automatic transmissions for easy driving.

Like all of our rentals, we make our well maintained and pleasurable to drive refrigerated box truck rentals available at a reasonable price. Our efficient staff is trained specifically to make the rental process fast and easy, without sacrificing any of the essential details or elements of quality that have helped to place us among the top choices of the region for commercial vehicle rental. When you arrange for your rental with us, you can expect that it will be on the the lot, clean and ready for you to drive away with at the appointed hour. We respect that you have a schedule to keep and that being on time is essential to your ongoing success.

Many people choose a rental to help them get through a period when their own vehicle is undergoing repair, helping to keep their business running smoothly and avoiding a loss of income. Others choose truck rental during busy periods that are a bit too much for their current fleet to handle, but not quite busy enough to financially justify the purchase of another vehicle that will be idle for extended periods. We offer dependable value for your truck rental dollar, and work hard to help you meet your transporting goals.