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Sometimes a Box Truck Rental is a Better Choice

Buying or leasing a truck is not always the best solution to a transporting issue. Sometimes, after giving the matter some consideration and running the numbers, box truck rental is a better choice. Clearly, for a one time transport situation, renting is the way to go. However, sometimes the choice isn’t as clear cut. An opportunity or situation may arise in which multiple transports may be necessary, such as repeated deliveries to a particular location over a period of time that almost, but not quite justifies the expense of buying.

Some types of seasonal businesses face this choice of whether to buy, lease or rent a vehicle capable of handling the task. It’s important to remember, when weighing the decision, that there are a lot of costs involved with buying and owning beyond the obvious purchasing and insurance costs. Maintenance will be a draw on the bottom line, and any major repairs will be coming out of your pocket. Leasing a vehicle is a solution for some, but for others that vehicle is going to be sitting idle for a good portion of the term of the lease agreement, costing money but not bringing any in.

In such circumstances, box truck rentals can be the perfect solution. Time spans are typically more flexible in these types of arrangements than are the standard leasing terms. A box truck can be rented for a day, a week, a month or even several months. Renting is also a good option for those that are trying to decide if the time is right to buy another truck, if – for example – the burst of business that has made them consider another vehicle is going to last or is just a more temporary market fluke.

Renting can be a great way to decide whether or not the time is right to add a truck to your business or can be the best choice for handling a temporary or seasonal upswing in business. Renting is a way to find the right truck fit for what you need, allowing you to test on the job if a box truck is the best option. It can be a more affordable choice over the long-term, when all factors, are considered, such as the day-to-day expenses involved in ownership, as well as the much larger costs associated with repair, something that renting protects you from.