It takes dedication to stay on top of the Los Angeles Truck Rental Market

If there has been one thing that we’ve learned during the well over half a century we’ve been operating in the southern California region, it is that it takes dedication to stay on top of the Los Angeles truck rental market. There’s always so much going on, action everywhere. With action, comes movement and we’ve been facilitating that movement since 1936, providing well maintained trucks at reasonable prices. It no coincidence that this family owned and operated business got its start during the Great Depression. Dedication has been our foundation since we opened the doors.

We entered the market during a period of time a lot like today, which is why we’re able to remain competitive. People need an affordable way to move things from point A to point B. Even for regular transport, buying a vehicle may not be the best financial move, not when margins are tight and the fiscal future is uncertain. If there is a reliable rental option – like our company – people often feel more secure choosing rental. That way, they don’t also have to assume the multiple burdens of ownership.

A major repair can be costly on its own, but once you figure in earnings lost due to an out of commission truck, that number can increase significantly. Figure in loss of regular clients that go elsewhere during your down time, because come what may, they still need to have their business needs met, and the costs can be staggering. Truck maintenance is one of the financial costs that renting helps to avoid, a relief for many businesses today. Our well maintained vehicles are evidence of us understanding your needs and being dedicated to fulfilling them.

Quality customer service and reliable, efficient day-today operations are also part of our dedication to helping you to accomplish the things you need to in the realms of personal and business transport. When we tell you a vehicle is available and ready, you can count on it. We know how important it is to be on time, and we also know how tardiness can allow opportunities to slip away, something nobody wants to see happen, especially in today’s economic climate.

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