A Flatbed Truck Rental is your best bet for Moving that Sports Car

There are many ways to transport your precious sports car from one place to another. However, some are better than others, and with a little research you may find that flatbed truck rental is your best bet for moving that sports car from one location to the next and having it get there in the condition you want it to arrive. And, when you choose our company for your rental, you can be certain that you’ve selected a reliable and affordable option. We’ve been in the business of helping people transport what is precious to them since 1936. We know how to do it right.

Towing your sports car leaves it vulnerable to damage, and driving it through congested traffic and along crowded highways adds unnecessary wear and tear to your vehicle, aside from the stress and strain on your heart during the near misses that are sure to happen on any southern California highway. Far better for you and the vehicle to transport your vehicle safely, securing it above the traffic fray on a flat bed truck designed to handle your precious cargo and move it from point A to point B without hassles, problems, or damage.

All of our rental trucks are clean and well maintained. We stick to a strict inspection and maintenance schedule that insures that when you drive off the lot, the truck you rent will be in excellent working condition, able to handle the task at hand and get you where you need to go. Your flatbed will also offer a comfortable and easy ride, with air conditioning, power brakes and steering, and an automatic transmission. Moving that sports car will be much less of a stressful event.

Our flatbed rates are well within the range of reason, and the security you feel in knowing your sports car will get to where it needs to be in good condition will be well worth the investment. Our knowledgeable staff is on hand to help you choose the right flatbed for your specific transport needs. And, once we get our agreement on paper, you can rest assured that they vehicle you rent from us will be available and ready for use at the agreed upon time.

Diesel Truck Maintenance comes with all Diesel Truck Lease Agreements

Many people are well aware of the advantages of diesel powered vehicles, but are a bit intimidated by the potential costs involved in diesel truck maintenance. Our company eliminates this concern completely with our diesel truck lease agreements, in which we handle truck maintenance and repair, freeing you to simply appreciate the reliability and power that a diesel truck has to offer. Leasing is a great way for a business to enjoy many of the positive aspects of having a truck without the negatives involved in owning it outright, such as the inevitable expenditures on keeping it in good working order.

As truck operators throughout the nation know, especially those in California, keeping commercial transport legal is increasingly complex with the growing number of regulations, ranging from changing environmental standards to changes in mandatory safety equipment and documentation requirements. Our company offers valuable assistance in meeting these requirements as a part of our stand-out full service lease agreement. Our goal is to handle as much of the red tape and bureaucratic hassles as we can for you, leaving you free to handle your business.

A full service lease may be the right solution for your commercial transport needs, whether you are seeking to lease a single diesel truck or several. Many companies choose fleet leasing from us because the expense and time burdens of maintenance and repair are shifted to us, rather than being the responsibility of the company, as is the case for company owned and operated vehicles. This reduction of headache and hassle is a huge benefit for many business owners, who prefer the security of knowing that their delivery schedule won’t be disrupted by down trucks waiting to be repaired.

Whether you are considering diesel truck leasing as a temporary or more permanent solution to your commercial transport needs, we are confident that you’ll find our leasing terms to be among the best in the region. Combine that with the solid reputation for quality and customer service we’ve worked hard to achieve and maintain throughout the years, and we think you’ll agree that we are the right transport partner to help you achieve your business goals and expand your opportunities for success.

Looking for something smaller? Try a van rental

Sometimes a truck is too big for the transport task at hand, and many people feel more comfortable driving a smaller vehicle if it is able to handle the transport. And, with the price of fuel these days, it just makes good business sense to choose the most fuel efficient option, which is why we make van rental available to our customers. Serving the region since 1936, this family owned and operated business is very familiar with the area and what its transportation market wants and needs.

Our panel vans have proven to be a very popular rental option, and are used for a broad range of purposes, from business to personal. We have extended lengths available, so be sure to discuss the specifics of your transport needs with our helpful and knowledgeable staff before deciding between a small truck or a van. Always clean and comfortable, our vans have air conditioning and AM/FM radio, and feature an automatic transmission, as well as power steering and brakes. Cargo liners are also available.

This may be a smart commercial truck rental option for small moves or small item deliveries, particularly if your destination is an urban area with more congested traffic and challenging parking situations. Many people choose this option for transporting goods that not part of their usual routine, such as remodeling supplies and other once in a while transporting tasks. It is a better option than risking cosmetic or more serious types of damage to personal vehicles that really are not up to the task of moving such items.

Our vans are reliable, and we adhere to the same strict maintenance and repair schedule for our vans as we do our trucks. We keep our prices reasonable, just as we have from the very beginning, when we first opened our doors during the economically challenging days of the Great Depression. We understand exactly how important it is to give people a fair deal for their hard earned money and we appreciate the opportunity to help others achieve their business and personal goals through providing reliable, affordable transport vehicles.

Refrigerated Truck Rental isn’t Available Everywhere

One of the reasons that we’ve been among the top choices for commercial rental vehicles since 1936 is because we try hard to be responsive to market needs. We target market needs and meet them, which is why we make refrigerated truck rental available to our customers, something that isn’t found everywhere these days. It’s not just perishable food items that need cool transport. There are many things that need to be transported in a temperature controlled environment, especially in the heat of a southern California summer.

We have refrigerated box trucks in sizes between 16 and 24 feet available for rental. The box is well insulated and temperatures can be relied upon, even for freezing. Your frozen goods will stay that way until you get them to where they are going. The vehicle cab is comfortable, and has room for three people, making it easy to take along an unloading crew. We even make the ride pleasurable, with air conditioning to make sure that you, as well as your load, stays cool, and an AM/FM radio to help pass the driving time. The trucks also have power brakes and steering and feature automatic transmissions for easy driving.

Like all of our rentals, we make our well maintained and pleasurable to drive refrigerated box truck rentals available at a reasonable price. Our efficient staff is trained specifically to make the rental process fast and easy, without sacrificing any of the essential details or elements of quality that have helped to place us among the top choices of the region for commercial vehicle rental. When you arrange for your rental with us, you can expect that it will be on the the lot, clean and ready for you to drive away with at the appointed hour. We respect that you have a schedule to keep and that being on time is essential to your ongoing success.

Many people choose a rental to help them get through a period when their own vehicle is undergoing repair, helping to keep their business running smoothly and avoiding a loss of income. Others choose truck rental during busy periods that are a bit too much for their current fleet to handle, but not quite busy enough to financially justify the purchase of another vehicle that will be idle for extended periods. We offer dependable value for your truck rental dollar, and work hard to help you meet your transporting goals.

We also have a Commercial Truck Sales Division

Because we are very particular about the vehicles we make available for rental, the time our trucks spend in our rental fleet is limited. That is why we also have a commercial truck sales division, making these well maintained vehicles available to our customers that have decided that the time has come to make a used truck purchase. Attentive, regular maintenance is essential to the longevity and performance of a vehicle and when you buy a vehicle from us, you can rest assured that it has always had that sort of maintenance.

We are serious about vehicle maintenance; it protects our investment as well as yours. During each routine maintenance check, 142 points are carefully inspected and all manufacturers suggested tasks are performed at their prescribed mileage points. We keep detailed records of all maintenance and repair for each vehicle, and when you buy one of our vehicles that come up for sale after a lease period or after their time of service in our rental fleet is over, you have a detailed history of the vehicle and the solid knowledge you need to have confidence in it.

That careful truck maintenance is what ensures that the used commercial vehicle you buy from us is going to be a reliable part of your business for years to come. It is a far better option than taking on a vehicle from a private person or a small business that may have used the vehicle hard without giving the same attention to care and maintenance that we must in order to remain competitive in a tough market. People rely on us for vehicles they don’t have to worry about, for vehicles that are dependable.

We have an excellent selection of hard working vehicles to choose from, vehicles that have been proven to be able to pull their weight in the daily operations of businesses throughout southern California. And, as anybody who relies on dependable commercial vehicles like we do knows, dependable commercial vehicles are essential to success. A large investment, it is essential to make a wise choice when buying used and our solid maintenance and detailed records makes our used trucks a smart move.

It takes dedication to stay on top of the Los Angeles Truck Rental Market

If there has been one thing that we’ve learned during the well over half a century we’ve been operating in the southern California region, it is that it takes dedication to stay on top of the Los Angeles truck rental market. There’s always so much going on, action everywhere. With action, comes movement and we’ve been facilitating that movement since 1936, providing well maintained trucks at reasonable prices. It no coincidence that this family owned and operated business got its start during the Great Depression. Dedication has been our foundation since we opened the doors.

We entered the market during a period of time a lot like today, which is why we’re able to remain competitive. People need an affordable way to move things from point A to point B. Even for regular transport, buying a vehicle may not be the best financial move, not when margins are tight and the fiscal future is uncertain. If there is a reliable rental option – like our company – people often feel more secure choosing rental. That way, they don’t also have to assume the multiple burdens of ownership.

A major repair can be costly on its own, but once you figure in earnings lost due to an out of commission truck, that number can increase significantly. Figure in loss of regular clients that go elsewhere during your down time, because come what may, they still need to have their business needs met, and the costs can be staggering. Truck maintenance is one of the financial costs that renting helps to avoid, a relief for many businesses today. Our well maintained vehicles are evidence of us understanding your needs and being dedicated to fulfilling them.

Quality customer service and reliable, efficient day-today operations are also part of our dedication to helping you to accomplish the things you need to in the realms of personal and business transport. When we tell you a vehicle is available and ready, you can count on it. We know how important it is to be on time, and we also know how tardiness can allow opportunities to slip away, something nobody wants to see happen, especially in today’s economic climate.

Sometimes a Box Truck Rental is a Better Choice

Buying or leasing a truck is not always the best solution to a transporting issue. Sometimes, after giving the matter some consideration and running the numbers, box truck rental is a better choice. Clearly, for a one time transport situation, renting is the way to go. However, sometimes the choice isn’t as clear cut. An opportunity or situation may arise in which multiple transports may be necessary, such as repeated deliveries to a particular location over a period of time that almost, but not quite justifies the expense of buying.

Some types of seasonal businesses face this choice of whether to buy, lease or rent a vehicle capable of handling the task. It’s important to remember, when weighing the decision, that there are a lot of costs involved with buying and owning beyond the obvious purchasing and insurance costs. Maintenance will be a draw on the bottom line, and any major repairs will be coming out of your pocket. Leasing a vehicle is a solution for some, but for others that vehicle is going to be sitting idle for a good portion of the term of the lease agreement, costing money but not bringing any in.

In such circumstances, box truck rentals can be the perfect solution. Time spans are typically more flexible in these types of arrangements than are the standard leasing terms. A box truck can be rented for a day, a week, a month or even several months. Renting is also a good option for those that are trying to decide if the time is right to buy another truck, if – for example – the burst of business that has made them consider another vehicle is going to last or is just a more temporary market fluke.

Renting can be a great way to decide whether or not the time is right to add a truck to your business or can be the best choice for handling a temporary or seasonal upswing in business. Renting is a way to find the right truck fit for what you need, allowing you to test on the job if a box truck is the best option. It can be a more affordable choice over the long-term, when all factors, are considered, such as the day-to-day expenses involved in ownership, as well as the much larger costs associated with repair, something that renting protects you from.

A Few Things you should know About Moving Truck Rental

Moving truck rental is serious business, because moving is stressful enough without having to deal with vehicle hassles. Understanding what people really need and taking the steps to meet those needs are critical elements to success in this sort of business. A well maintained vehicle is key. The last thing anybody wants to deal with while moving is a loaded truck that breaks down on the way to its destination. Good maintenance extends beyond what’s under the hood. Renters want the vehicle doors to operate smoothly and quietly. They expect the vehicle to be clean.

Availability is also important. Timing is everything in this business, because many people are adhering to a pretty tight schedule when moving. That’s part of the stress of the situation. They need to be out of where they are leaving, as often there are other people waiting to get in, whether it is maintenance people to prepare it for the next residents or the new residents themselves. And, they need to get into where they are going, while still meeting other obligations, such as work. Having the vehicle available and ready for use on time is essential.

Money is always tight around moving time, and people appreciate low cost truck rental, especially these days. What they also want is clear pricing, without hidden fees and costs. They don’t want to be nickeled and dimed to death. Moving is difficult enough, everybody is stressed and tired. When they call seeking information about the cost of rental, they want concise, accurate information that they can budget around. Surprise charges that come up later on credit card receipts or when the vehicle is returned are never welcome.

Meeting people’s needs during a period of transition is something people remember and talk about. Word of mouth is a powerful force when it comes to the success of a business, and with the Internet, that word of mouth – or word of fingertips – travels a long way and lasts forever. Well maintained vehicles, conveniently available at a reasonable price, and ready to be picked up at the agreed upon time are the foundation of success when it comes to meeting people’s moving needs.